96° F Thursday, July 27, 2017

I’m trying – really I am.

It seemed appropriate to write about my own struggles with new technology, in lightcyndi for column of Mr. Gosselink’s funny column on this same page about tweeting.

As part of my professional development and goal setting, my boss wants me to become proficient in using Twitter, something called Hootsuite and other fairly new ways of communicating with our reading audience.

It took me a fairly long time to become familiar and somewhat comfortable with Facebook. I remember back in the early days I committed a real gaffe when an old friend posted on Facebook the question “Should I come and take you to lunch?” I thought it was a little strange because he lives in San Antonio but I immediately posted back “You can come and take me to lunch anytime!” Unfortunately, I didn’t realize back then that when a Facebook post is specifically directed to another person, it’s not directed at everybody who can see it. He was addressing his wife.

I never saw him post on Facebook again. Maybe he “unfriended” me, I didn’t know about that back then either.

Twitter doesn’t really make sense to me yet, but now that Bastropian is behind us, I guess I will start trying to get it. I ventured into Instagram a couple of weeks ago and immediately had three followers – one of whom I suspect is my boss. But I don’t get it. I figured out how to post a picture of my granddaughter on there – and then thought, so what? I can post this on Facebook and it makes more sense to me. Not sure what all the fuss is about. Something to do with being able to sepia tone photos or something? I just don’t have time to plow through everybody’s sepia toned photos…

And I am leery about learning these new ways of communicating, only to have them become passé in a few months. Then I have crammed more useless information into an already full – and old – brain. It’s difficult enough at this point to recall the important stuff. It’s already tedious that when I am trying to remember something important, like the name of the band playing on the radio, only to have useless bits of information getting in the way.

It’s cold and windy today, which isn’t all that strange for early May. I remember a co-worker’s daughter, named May, who got married on May 1 a few years back. It was sleeting. The couple rode in one of those beautiful, open, horse carriages from the church to the reception. Wedding gowns don’t lend themselves to open-air carriage rides in sleet.

My girlfriend from San Antonio is coming up today and we are going to see Jimmy Buffett tonight at the Austin 360 venue at Circuit of Americas. It’s an outdoor venue. Temps are supposed to be in the low 40s tonight. Doesn’t seem right to see Jimmy Buffett when you are freezing.

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