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Five big storylines for Bastrop this spring

With spring drills beginning on May 3, here are some of the things that the Bastrop Advertiser will be looking for this year.

1 Emergence of young talent

While many were focused on the Bastrop varsity track team’s second-place finish at the district track meet this past month, for interim head coach and athletic coordinator Todd Patmon, the most encouraging performances came on the JV level.

“That’s where a majority of your football players come from,” Patmon said. “I was obviously happy for Antwuan and Aneas and all of those guys, but looking at football for next year, I was really impressed with the way the younger guys ran.”

Those younger guys include Izayiah Washington, an incoming junior who broke out last year at the running back position. Washington had a big night at the district track meet, and could be used in several places this spring and into the fall. He has the speed to be dangerous in the return game, and could also be used on defense.

2. What will the offense look like?

Last season, the Bears ran a version of the Georgia Tech offense, using flex-bone formation and an option-based attack. Outgoing head coach Gerald Perry had been working on installing a Nevada pistol-type offense for spring ball, but his departure leaves a bit of a question-mark.

3. Who will be the quarterback?

Wyatt Pearson may be the frontrunner. The incoming senior split time last year at the position and looked especially strong running the ball. But there are sure to be challengers for the position with so much wide-open this spring.

4. Can the defensive line lead this team?

Last year Bastrop was very young up front on defense. This season, they bring back as much depth and talent as anyone in the district at the position. Carrington Waites is a young prospect. Waites played on the defensive line last year and will be a big part of future plans. Rene Loya started as a freshman, and will be an even bigger part of the team this year. Masta Hicks was another player who got in as an underclassman and will be a big part of this year’s team. Bastrop lost three Division I players from their linebacker and secondary corps, plus leading tackler Casey Waites. A stout group up front will be needed.

5. How many ways can the Bears utilize Logan Allen?

Allen played some running back, receiver and defense last year, and was one of the team’s most explosive players. This season, they Bears’ coaching staff will need to find even more ways to get the ball into his hands.

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