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By Pirjuana Brown

The big news from Paige this week is that I avoided ejections, arrests and beatings. Actually, speaking ofDavid McDaniel beatings, I’m hereby the new percussionist for the Bastrop orchestral group. They’re a determined lot, and they allowed me to beat on things as long as it matched those dots on the paper. A fun set of music, and I expect all of you to come see us when we throw ourselves out there. Will tell you more when I know it.

Dropped in on the Grassyville Cemetery meeting. Tons of local history around that place, and most of the folks in attendance were highly knowledgeable about the ancestry of our area. But they need some help.

The non-profit status is up in the air and a lot of the older markers are falling over. Which means hint, hint, a decent IRS lawyer and some construction folks are needed to pitch in and help preserve this local treasure…would be highly appreciated.

Speaking of construction, I ran upon a most interesting situation.

Thirty years ago, an old Mexican family got ahold of three acres and built themselves a two room dirt shack back in the woods outside of Paige. And over the years they added on to it. They’ve passed now, and the kids didn’t want anything to do with the homestead…needs lots of work. Fourteen rooms and two patios falling down. Old man Rodriguez took the term ‘adding on’ a bit seriously.

And now a strange musician named Jubal Lee out of Austin via Dripping Springs has sunk down out yonder. He took on a condemned fourplex crack house in the capital city back in 1989 and created an artistic enclave that ran for 23 years. So, he’s basically custom made for this Paige endeavor. It was classified as a tear down, but this weirdo thinks it can be rebuilt…and he sorta has the credentials to back it up, I guess.

The stage/music room is already cranking. Two upstairs bedrooms and living are under way. Lots of work to be done, but lots of space to do it in. His plan is to rent cheap to willing artists and eventually sponsor all kinds of folks out of the place. The back part of the house is designated as work area…so far a few painters and sculptors and woodworkers have expressed interest, but nothing definite.

It’s gonna be a project. But if you squint your eyes and imagine the energy of a few creatives running around, it makes sense. I’ve already played some tunes and slammed some fabric on the walls and slung some paint…ton of fun. Rough, though. If you like civilized living, it wouldn’t be for you. But if there’s a creative jolt in your body and you don’t mind pioneer life, it’s worth a look. Call Jubal at 512-629-3973. If anything, it’s definitely worth a visit.

And he’ll appreciate any advice or help you can throw his way.

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  1. Sharon says:

    Visitors beware! There is a pack of small black creatures guarding the premises. Possibly immature chupacabras. Honk at the gate, do not enter without invitation.

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