96° F Thursday, July 27, 2017

By Melody Funderburgh

The paper came out and now I’m on my very last edition of “The Bear Facts.” The end of the year hasmelody small come faster than I expected and it is bittersweet. I am proud of what I’ve done throughout my three years on “The Bear Facts” staff, and I hope my last edition is my best. I fear that it couldn’t possibly ever live up to my expectations of being my greatest paper yet, but nonetheless I will try.

At home, my mother and her boyfriend are building me a new room outside (but still right next to) the house. I think it’s a little step towards independence, but I will be staying home for another year. I’ve decided to go to ACC for a year or two to save money. I plan to transfer to a university after that. This summer, I am going to work as much as I can to save up money.

Speaking of work, my new job is going well. I make pizza, which isn’t nearly as hard as I thought it would be. Sometimes I work the front counter as well.

Now that I’m 18, I can serve alcohol. I actually learned how to use the beer tap a few days ago while working the front counter. When I sell bottles, I’m required to open them before handing them to the customer. A couple came in and the man ordered a Coors Light and a Seagram’s (a wine cooler). I got the drinks, opened them and set the beer in front of the man and the wine cooler in front of the woman. She then smirked and grabbed the beer. That’s what I get for assuming. I was so embarrassed I turned red. From here on out I will be more careful to not be so sexist.

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