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The day has come. Water marketers are set to grab water underlying Bastrop and Lee counties. The last stand is at a meeting of the Lost Pines Groundwater Conservation District, 6 p.m., April 17 at Giddings City Hall.

A standing-room-only hearing of LPGCD at Bastrop City Hall on March 20 resulted in their wise postponement of Forestar Real Estate’s massive permit for 45,000 acre-feet of groundwater in Lee County. Frankie Limmer is also back for 56,000 acre-feet for his EndOp, LLC.

In our opinion, these two permits pretty much guarantee that well owners in Lee County, a vulnerable rural county, will be adversely affected.

LPGCD is the best district in the state. But can we expect them to stand up to water profiteers who will surely sue LPGCD using the loopholes our state legislators left in the water law they passed in 2011?

Where are our state senators, one Democrat (Senator Kirk Watson), one Republican (Glenn Hegar)? Are they supporting the “water bank” (just passed in the Texas House as HB4) to fund pipelines that will move rural Texans’ water to the growth corridor along IH-35, without protections for rural Texas?

Citizens from affected counties must converge in Giddings. If you’re serious about conservation and private property rights, be there. Be there if you’re from Rep. Kleinschmidt’s district (Lee, Bastrop, Caldwell, Gonzales and Karnes counties), from counties set to receive the water loot (that’s Travis, Williamson, Hays and Bexar counties) and from Milam and Burleson counties, where the Post Oak Savannah GCD has already granted permits like candy – on the same groundwater!

If the Lost Pines GCD stands tall, we can promise you at least one thing. It will be game on – especially with the legislature in session. Folks, be ready!

Linda Curtis

Independent Texans (IndyTexans.org)


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  1. David Nobles says:


    Between this letter and the information on the Environmental Stewardship home page, all of us should be hopping mad. If the water for your homestead and/or livestock comes from a private well (like me!), you ought to be “even madder”. Big thanks to Indy Texans and Environmental Stewardship for keeping this critical issue in front of us.

    As for the April 17th LPGCD meeting, at least four Groups United Advocating Responsible Development (GUARD) Board members will be there and the GUARD membership is mobilizing.

    Besides attending meetings and writing letters, please let us know what else we can do to support the common cause of protecting our water rights.

    David Nobles

  2. Concerned Citizen says:

    Sadly, like everything else these days, our local Groundwater Districts have become a political organization. One of the primary purposes of a Texas GWD is the protection of the available water in their respective zones. If we already know that we are using more water than be recharged then it should be a no-brainer to restrict permits.

    Forget the political pressure to be a team player and stick to the reason the district was originally formed. The idea of “robbing Peter to pay Paul” or profit from our natural resources was never the intent. Stand Strong against those that would capitalize on our precious resources.

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