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The Texas General Land Office announced this week that applications are now available online for the Disaster Recovery Homeowner Program. Eligible applicants will include homeowners whose principal residence was damaged or destroyed in areas of Bastrop County impacted by the 2011 wildfires.

Applications will be accepted by the GLO through Sept. 28, 2012. Once the application period closes, all complete applications will be compiled and randomly selected through a lottery for funding with prioritization for low and moderate income applicants. Only one application will be accepted per household. Once randomly selected, an applicant will be notified of that selection and they will have three weeks to provide the back-up documentation necessary to continue the application process.

After applicant eligibility is confirmed, the homeowner’s property will be inspected to determine if the structure will be rehabilitated or reconstructed. If the home is to be reconstructed, the homeowner will be asked to choose the floor plan for the appropriately sized home. Actual construction is estimated to take up to five months to complete.

We will also be offering a down payment assistance program for individuals who do not want to reconstruct their damaged home. This is open to anyone who lived in a damaged unit, regardless of ownership.

For applications and additional information, contact Lutheran Social Services toll free at 1-855-706-7556 or visit the website at www.glo.texas.gov/GLO/disaster-recovery/wildfires/index.html. Applications may also be found at the Bastrop office, College Street Suite D, Bastrop.


  1. Viva H. Toad says:

    ” If the home is to be reconstructed, the homeowner will be asked to choose the floor plan for the appropriately sized home. Actual construction is estimated to take up to five months to complete.”
    Chose a floorplan! HA!!! Kinda later for that! Now what if you decided not to wait over a year to get your housing needs taken care of and began building your own house with your own cash and or FEMA funds and are now out of funds but your house is only framed. No roof no toilet no shower no power plumbing,water,absolutely no furniture…got the picture! we fall in the “not qualified chapter” of everyone’s book? And GLO and everyone else out there is wondering why so few applications have been submitted. Most of us did not get assistance from “concert money”, LTR, of whatever because we decided not to wait for our FEMA trailers to disappear before we did something about it! All this millions of dollars for assistance and you cannot help those who are trying to help themselves. Disgusting… At the same time the media is gloating how much help everyone is getting and all the surplus money there is. If there is surplus money and few applications then people are NOT GETTING HELP!!! Ya cant figure that out??? Got plenty of assistance offers from organizations for general unskilled labor and have used their help and am sincerely grateful but if you don’t have cash for building materials then how are you going to help yourself. Oh I guess maybe i should have just sat on my FEMA couch all year with beer in hand and waited for someone to build me a house. Oh and buy GLO lottery tickets for my chance to win! Somethings wrong with this picture and everyone’s eyes are closed! Where do we go for help if we need building materials? Plumbing assistance Electrical… All these things needed to build a house! Forget furniture I can live without! I would like a roof over my head this winter tho. I work a fourty hour work week come home from my job then work on the house till about ten oclock every night and all day sat and sun and had one day off since the fire. Im out of money for the most part so I now have time to complain! For the most part I have given up on assistance but this GLO money and “assistance” program made the hair on the back of my neck stand! Texas Government at its best! Oh BTW it wasnt i that burned my house down!

  2. got help says:

    If you got a Fema LOAN, you would not be out of funds. So what kind of Fema money did you get? Glad to see at least one person that is fully employed trying to help themselves. Apply for this money, a little investment in time might paid off. Just because 1 person tells you no, keep trying. Apply for this money.!!! As far as the people still gripping about the “concert money” , we all were under the impression it was to be give to the fire victims. Yet, after the fact, it was divided up and given to the organisations. I think a lot less would have been raised if people knew up front where the money would go.

  3. Concerned Citizen says:

    I always believed that the concert money should have been divided among all of the fire survivors regardless of if they owned or rented a house. Even if it was $100 or less. That would have been the fair way to treat everyone.

  4. TexasTexasTexas says:

    I know many many many fire victims who never received one penny. It was raised on their behalf, but it was NOT distributed to all. Few benefitted. Many were forced to move away. If the fire victims (that I know of) had ANY form of insurance then they were told they weren’t entitled to the finances that were raised on their behalf.

  5. BTDT says:

    Insurance on your home and belongings will protect your investments. You do not have to count on others for assistance if you can possibly get home insurance. We got no assistance for our losses that the insurance could not cover. It’s the only way to protect your property and belongings.

  6. Kotera Lane says:

    I’ll echo BTDT — I bought a home I could afford *and* insure. I paid $800 per year to insure it and my belongings — it was tough, but it was prioritized in the budget because stuff happens, and I’m an adult, so I plan for stuff to happen. When all my belongings, my car, and my home burned to the ground, my insurance company… paid. I received a few financial gifts from friends and family that helped float me during those first few days and weeks, and I am truly grateful for that. But for the most part, I planned ahead, sacrificed my budget, and when stuff happened, I was covered.
    I really have a hard time understanding folks screaming “Where’s mine?!?!” Nobody is entitled to any of that money — those organizations have been crazy generous with providing food supplements, shelter, clothing, medical supplies and even homes for people. Most of those people are very grateful for those gifts. But if you have started building a house you can’t afford and are only just now realizing you won’t be able to finish it… well, that’s kinda on you. I hope someone can help — but you’re not entitled to receiving any gift. Keep getting angry though — that seems to be working.

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